Thread Locking and Sealing

Range: M2.5~M24

Thread Locking and Sealing

Thread locking is an integrated part of the fastener. It can neither be lost nor forgotten.

Cost-efficient Thread Locking
There is no need for additional locking elements such as lock washers, adhesives, etc. As a result, material management is simplified.

Reliable Thread Locking
Thread locking patches and adhesives are pre-applied using sophisticated equipment. Strict requirements and testing assure consistent quality.

Clean Thread Locking
Thread locking patches do not harm the surface of the assembled components. They do not cause corrosion.

Versatile Thread Locking
Nylon patches, as well as locking adhesives, can be used for sealing and thread locking, under head sealing, friction enhancement, thread protection, and much more.
Thread Locking and Sealing

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